Request a Sign Language Interpreter

Please complete this form as soon as you determine you require interpreting services.

This will help ensure FIS in providing the right interpreter for you and your client. Thank You!

Note: When placing a request for our interpreter services in Ohio, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Maryland or West Virginia, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name of person requesting interpreter (Point of Contact)
  • Point of contact’s phone number, fax number and email
  • Address of where to meet and time to meet.
  • (Provide alternate address if not at the service location)
  • Start time & end time of the appointment
  • Agency’s billing address & billing information
  • Name of the deaf or hard of hearing client
  • Nature of the appointment (i.e. lawyer appointment)
  • Preferred languages (e.g., American Sign Language (ASL) and English or ASL and Spanish) or communication method (e.g. Signing Exact English (SEE) or Oral)
  • Any other pertinent information or special needs

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