Video remote interpreting (VRI)

Get a certified American Sign Language Interpreter in seconds from anywhere, on any device for a low cost!

Real time and on demand services to someone though an offsite interpreter

If an interpreter is unable to be on site due to either lack of qualified interpreters available in an area or the need for immediate service, it is still possible to access interpreting services through Video Remote Interpreting (VRI).

This is when a webcam or other video device is used in order to provide real time and on demand services to someone though an offsite interpreter.

Friends Interpreting Services proudly offers VRI as an on-demand service to provide our clients with a certified professional interpreter when one is not able to be on site.


Our selection process for interpreters includes:

Full review and confirmation of interpreter’s resume, cover letter, and interpreting experience.
Cloud partners conduct and confirm fluency and interpreting proficiency with verbal linguistic testing or through successful completion of an ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview has taken place.
Identity and security background checks.
Technology readiness and Video Remote Interpreting protocols and procedural training.


 Our VRI platform (BoostLingo) is a compliant with all HIPAA and GDPR requirements.  

In addition our interpreters follow all confidentiality requirements from HIPAA.  


Three Ways to Reach a VRI Interpreter

1. From a computer or laptop through the web 

2. From a smart phone or tablet via the app 

3. From a landline or cell by dialing in”

Advantages of VRI

Easy and on-demand connection to interpreters

VRI allows you to access interpreters who are certified and pass a background check

Free and easy system set-up 

VRI can save you money and time on interpretting costs


We have interpreters who are qualified and experienced in industries with unique vocabulary requirements, such as medicine or law.  


100% fluent in their supported language pair ASL and English


Our interpreters and VRI platform are confidential and HIPAA compliant. 


Our interpreters have a minimum of 2 years’ in the field experience.”

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is the newest and most advanced technology using a sign language interpreter.

Using VRI is the preferred interpreting method in the following settings:

Healthcare | Legal or Court | Employment | School | & More

What will I need?

All you will need is access to a computer computer with a webcam (PC or Mac) with High Speed Internet in order to ensure quality of the call.