Hello to you all! I want to share some of my recent experience at Street Leverage’s Accelerate Conference, which took place in Arlington, VA.

Street Leverage held their 1st Accelerated Conference a few weeks ago, gathering over 85+ interpreting agency owners. Everyone gathered to collaborate and share our experiences in a positive environment.

The presenters were remarkable! They brought valuable experiences to share with all of us as well as welcomed our feedback on their presentations. I had the privilege in meeting some down-to-earth CEOs and other business owners.

One of the nights, we received some fabulous facts from researchers regarding issues related to Interpreting. I hope they will keep doing yearly research so that we, as business owners, can improve our strengths and weakness. I also had the pleasure in learning about Interpreting Generation Experiences.

Excellent information!!

Some of the “hot topics” that were discussed:

  1. Interpreter Education Program (IEP) or Interpreter Training Program (ITP) issues/Mentoring program issues
  2. Spoken Translation Issues
  3. 1099 vs W2 issues
  4. Technology changes in the interpreting workforce world
  5. The importance in interpreting environment/workforce values
  6. Business Better Bureau Connection- a great idea!

Overall, the presenters and presentations were fabulous. The experience gave me a lot to think about, especially how Friends Interpreting Services, LLC can better our Deaf community.

One of the presenters, (apologies, I do not remember their name) said, “Without the Deaf Community, there would be no need for interpreting and that means no business for us”. That’s true! FIS wants to give back to the Deaf community by being more involved. Currently, I have several things planned.

One of my plans is to attend Deaf Day in Charleston, WV. While I am there, I plan to reach out to the ADA committee and see if a committee can be formed to help improve and strengthen ADA laws.

I am fired up and ready to make 2016 a positive successful year!!

Alli Friends
Friends Interpreting Services, LLC