Blog #3

Deaf people can do ANYTHING except to hear.

 As I discussed in my last post, having an interpreter accessible for the Deaf makes appointments and gathering not only better for the deaf individual, but also for the Hearing.

I can give you some personal examples how much it makes a difference.

When I go for my medical appointments, I get full information during my appointment. I walk away with clear information and knowledge.

I took my kids to the dentist for the first time and I really liked the choices of words used for my kids’ dentist appointments, the hygienist explained about the “sugar bug” which means cavity. If I didn’t have an interpreter to translate what the hygienist said, I would have never used “sugar bug” when I brushed my kids’ teeth and make it easier for me to explain why they need to keep their teeth clean. My children were able to understand what a “sugar bug” was and I was able to have peace of mind and allow me to be knowledgeable for my children.

Another time, I was at a meeting with a nutritionist and it was essential to understand how many grams of Total Carbs, fats etc in order to lose weight. I really never understood until I met with my nutritionist and an interpreter. The information I needed was imperative to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lastly, I had interpreters for my delivery of my twins (twice) and having the interpreters during my delivery and post delivery made my experience much more stress free. Now I have fond memories of my two sets of twins being born. Instead of heartache and frustration. It made communication accessible to me and if it wasn’t for the interpreters being part of the communication barrier free, I can’t imagine how much I would be missing out and how much I would lack of knowledge.   I was severely ill and I couldn’t deal well without the interpreters.

I strongly believe that every Deaf person should have interpreter anytime, anywhere if they need one to make communication accessible and to understand. I do not feel that writing back and forth are accessible. I think it would miss a lot of details of information. IT is not 100% communication accessible to the Deaf. No Deaf person should go home being so frustrated with unclear information from jobs, school, doctors, and lawyers.   We need to be sure that we have the same access as hearing people received.

I must give thanks to the interpreters who made difference in our daily lives and to show to the world that Deaf people can do it! “We are just as smart as hearing people are. We can do anything except hear!” Quoted by I. King Jordan