I am thrilled to announce that Friends Interpreting Services, LLC is OFFICIALLY 8A AWARDED!!  What does that means to Friends Interpreting Services, LLC?  It means that Federal and State agencies will give Friends Interpreting Services, LLC and other 8a Awarded applicants, better and more opportunities to receive requests from the Federal and State agencies.  FIS is a small, 100% Deaf and Women owned business. Now FIS will be working on stepping higher goals to serve the Deaf community.

It is a wonderful blessing for me. I was really shocked and dumbfounded; my handwork paid off.   To prepare for 8a application, I had to submit all the required documents which included over 300+ pages. It actually took me 12 months to complete it;  I first started August 2014 then stop due to problems with the application.  I tried again in Dec 2014. This is when I pushed myself to get it started. And now August has come. It took me 9 months to receive the results.  I did it!

To learn more about 8a  go to think link. It has very specific guidelines of meeting 8a requirements.


I want to personally thank my husband, Richard Friends, II for his patience, support and most of all telling me to “figure out” myself without depending on him.  I did all myself. If it wasn’t for that push, I would have not have made it this far.  He really taught me to make decisions on my own.  THANK YOU  my dearest!  You are part of the reason that I became successful!

I have few other people who I want to privately thank for their support during my hard times. Thank you to the people who are involved in making FIS a success.

I look forward to working with you and doing my very best to provide world class service and providing excellent interpreting services.